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Tire Changers

Our vast selection of commercial-grade tire changers are of the highest quality at an affordable price.

They’re ideal for small service centres and high-performance shops alike. Our complete line of products and technical expertise allows us to help you buy the right product, the first time.

Product Name

Model Number

Internal Clamping

External Clamping

Max Diameter


BaseLine BL300 Tire Changer BL300 12''-26''10'-24''38''110v More
BaseLine BL500 Tire Changer BL500 12''-26''10''-24''38''110v More
Coats 5040A/E Rim Clamp 5040A / 5040E 12''-24''10''-21''50''110v More
Coats 70X Rim Clamp Handle Actuated Tire Changer 70XAH2 8650''110v More
Coats X-Series 70X Pedal Actuated Tire Changer 70XAF2 8650''110v More
Coats APX90 Rim Clamp Tire Changer APX90A 11944110v More