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The Lift Superstore prides itself on having the best warranty in the business. We go to great efforts to ensure our products are of the greatest quality, safest design and built to last. We give you, as standard, a two (2) year warranty on all mechanical components, including the CSA/UL listed pump and motor assembly, cables, pulleys and hoses, five (5) year warranty on all structural components and a LIFETIME parts warranty on the cylinder assembly. That’s right! LIFETIME!


We do not cover parts that are damaged due to lack of maintenance; there are several parts on the lift that are subject to normal use and wear and tear. Rubber contact pads are an example of a consumable part that may have to be replaced more frequently due to heavy use and are not subject to warranty. Improper installation and/or damaged caused by excessive or improper use is also not covered.


Should you require service, It is recommended that you have your invoice available so that our staff can determine the date of purchase and the correct model.


Extended warranties can also be purchased at the time of sale for as low as $100.00. Ask us how!



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