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Storage/Parking Car Lifts

Tired of paying to store your “toys?” Why not store them on us?

Our wide selection of single post, 2 post, and 4 post service and storage garage lifts are ideal for car enthusiasts looking for extra space to get the job done. Starting at an 8,000-pound lifting capacity, you can be sure we have the right garage lift in Canada or the United States to meet your needs.

Product Name

Model Number


Overall Height

Lifting Height



RestoMod DX 8,000 lbs 4 Post Storage Lift LSS4P8PLDX 8,000 lbs81.974103110V - 220V 1PH More
RestoMod XL 9,000 lbs 4 Post Car Storage Lift LSS4P9PLXL 9,000 lbs9281111.5110V - 220V - 1PH More
Quatro-Stacker DX 8,000 lbs - 4 Post Car Storage Lift LSS4P8PLDXAL 8,000 lbs8874103110V - 220V - 1PH More
Quatro-Stacker XL 9,000 lbs - 4 Post Car Storage Lift LSS4P9PLXLAL 9,000 lbs9481111110V - 220V - 1PH More