Hemi Road Runner 6,000 lbs Specialty Car Lift

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The Hemi Road Runner is undoubtedly our best value, light duty service hoist. It’s compact scissor design make this the perfect solution for the customer wanting portable lift for those odd jobs you need to get at. Complete with all adaptors you can be certain this tiny workhorse can lift just about anything. When collapsed, the Hemi Road Runner sits a mere 4.5” allowing it to be left in the middle of the floor while still parking vehicles overtop when not in use. Available in 110v or 220v you can pretty much put this lift anywhere.






  • Lifting Capacity: 6000 Lbs
  • Perfect For Servicing Light-Duty
  • Trucks And Cars
  • Portable Motor Cart Serves As Tow
  • Handle To Easily Move Lift From One Bay To Another
  • Adjustable Arm Assemblies
  • Safety Lock Bar With Multiple Lock Positions
  • Fast And Efficient Operation
  • Overall Width: 40" / 1016mm
  • Overall Length: 81" / 2057mm
  • Lifting Height: 48" - 53" / 1219mm - 1346mm
  • Minimum Pad Height: 4-3/4" / 121mm
  • 110/220 Volt Power Unit
  • Warranty–limited two (2) years


Model Number Capacity Brief DescriptiveLowered HeightRaised HeightVoltage
LSSMR6 6,000 lbsPortable Mid-Rise 4.5''54''220V - 110V 1PH