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Specialty Car Lifts

Are you tired of using unreliable stands and floor jacks to get your vehicles in the air? Do you want a 2 post lift or four post lift, but don’t have space?

Our single post car lifts and light-duty mid-rise scissor lifts are built with spacing-saving designs, giving you what you need. These car lifts are safe, compact, rugged, and portable. This makes them the perfect solution for light-duty tire, brake, body, and oil-change work.

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Hemi Road Runner 6,000 lbs Specialty Car Lift LSSMR6 6,000 lbsPortable Mid-Rise 4.5''54''220V - 110V 1PH More
Green Giant 2,500 lbs Tractor/ATV Lift LSS1PSC2K 2,000 lbsSingle Post Storage4''58''220V - 110V 1PH More