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Motorcycle Lifts

Our selection of rugged, durable motorcycle lifts includes perfect choices for sport bikes, cruisers, and even tricked-out choppers. Whether you’re a hobbyist or owner of a high-volume service centre, these garage lifts provide years of trouble-free service.

Our motorcycle lifts feature front vices and rear tire drop-outs that come standard with optional side extensions to accommodate ATVs and snowmobiles. 

Product Name

Model Number


Lowered Height


Lifting Height

Knuckle Saver 1,000 lbs Motorcycle Lift LSSMC1000 1,000 lbs72430 More
Hog Hoist 1,500 lbs Motorcycle Lift LSSMC1500HH 1,500 lbs6.7531.5”38.5” More
Decker HD 2,000lb Motorcycle Lift LSSMC2000 2,000 lbs6.7531.538.5 More