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4 Post Lifts

Looking for a heavy-duty four post car lift that gives you flexibility to support a range of vehicles and perform small service jobs? We have you covered. Starting at 12,000-pound capacities, we have the right four post lift to meet your needs.

Safe, rugged, and durable, The Lift SuperStore ensures you get high-quality car lifts that last for years. Various ramp configurations and alignment packages are also available to help you store and service passenger cars to large trucks.

Product Name

Model Number


Overall Height


Lifting Height


RestoMod DX 8,000 lbs 4 Post Lift LSS4P8PLDX 8,000 lbs81.910374110V - 220V - 1PH More
RestoMod XL 9,000 lbs 4 Post Lift LSS4P9PLXL 9,000 lbs92111.581110V - 220V 1PH More
Quatro-Stacker DX 8,000 lbs 4 Post Lift LSS4P8PLDXAL 8,000 lbs8810374110V - 220V 1PH More
Quatro-Stacker XL 9,000 lbs 4 Post Lift LSS4P9PLXLAL 9,000 lbs9411181110V - 220V 1PH More
Rally Dual Deck 12,000 lbs 4 Post Lift Rally Dual Deck LSS4P12FD 12,000 lbs8812366208V - 230V 1PH More