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2 Post Lifts

Our vast selection of 2 post car lifts is ideal for hobbyists and local services centres alike. We take pride in the rugged design of these car lifts, ensuring they are safe and built to last for years with trouble-free service.

From 9,000-pound to 15,000-pound capacities, we make sure we have the right lift that is right for you. We distribute our 2 post lifts in Canada and the United States.

Product Name

Model Number


Overall Height


Lifting Height


Arm Type

Rag Top Convertible 9,000 lbs 2 Post Car Lift LSS2P9BP 9,000 lbs111134'77208V - 230V 1 PHAsymmetric Symmetric More
Big Block Super Sport 9,000 lbs 2 Post Lift LSS2P9CF 9,000 lbs141.513477208V - 230V 1 PHAsymmetric Symmetric More
Deuce 10,000 lbs 2 Post Lift LSS2P10CFAB 10,000 lbs 138.5/148.5134”77208V - 230V 1 PHAsymmetric Symmetric More
Cobra GT 11,000 lbs 2 Post Lift LSS2P11CF 11,000 lbs14113772208V - 230V 1 PHAsymmetric Symmetric More
Silverado 15,000 lbs 2 Post Lift LSS2P15CF 15,000 lbs18015080.5208V - 230VSymmetric More